Michael and Joanne Parker look back on a total of 101 years of service to their clients (44 years for Joanne and 57 for Michael) in their six stores.  Now, It’s time to RETIRE!!

They will be offering their accumulated treasures exclusively on this website. Be sure to come back often, as they will be adding one of a kind treasures weekly.

“To best understand us, it is important that you realize this offering is our entire inventory reduced 33%.  We closed our stores 6 years ago and the final inventory went into secured storage.  The world price of gold at that time was $1,050 per oz and our merchandise is priced at that level. Today’s price of gold is $1,750 per oz.  The same jewelry in gold (be it 14K or 24K, white or yellow) is up over 75% so you’re not just getting items at 2014 values, you’re saving an additional 33% off now!

Our prices have always been competitive.  In fact in the 40 years our stores were open, we very rarely ever reduced a price as our clientele was always after quality and realized that jewelers who continually reduced prices had just raised retail prices to give imaginary discounts.”
– Michael & Joanne Parker


Our 3 retirement gifts for you…

  • Gift #1 – Liquidation prices on ALL jewelry
  • Gift #2 – Our entire  jewelry collection was purchased prior to 2015 when gold was under $1,050 per oz.  You will pay old gold prices plus the Retirement Reduction. A huge value when you realize today’s gold prices are $1750 per oz.
  • Gift #3 – In July 1985, black coral was designated by then Governor John Waihee to be the official Gem of Hawaii. With your purchase, you will receive a natural well cut Black Coral gem for FREE!
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